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Strutt Arms – Latest

Alan, a local resident, was talking to one of the builders at the Strutt who revealed that the building could be finished by Easter.  That may seem optimistic based on the desperately slow progress made ever since the Strutt was bought but recently work appears to have picked up.  We’re told that plastering has finished and the electrics are in, and there is a lot of furniture and equipment in the rooms now, looking to be ready for fitting.  So, we can be hopeful that we will see the Strutt open in the very near future.  That same builder also revealed that the Strutt would operate as a pub, restaurant and hotel.

Milford & Makeney WI – New Venue

Milford and Makeney WI have a new venue: the Baptist Church in Duffield (on the left side of the A6 driving towards Derby).  For more details and the rest of their 2018 Programme, click here

New weekly podcast for Belper arts

ArtsWord is described as a new platform for creatives in Derbyshire, which includes a preview of films at the Belper Ritz.  To listen to this week’s podcast, click here.   To read more about ArtsWord, click here: 


Holly Bush write-up appears in Sunday Telegraph

Read full transcript here


King William Quizzers Raise £1300 for Air Ambulance

Read more here

Holy Trinity Church Winter Worship

Due to heating problems, Sunday services at Milford’s parish church will be held in the Baptist Church.  Read more here.

Read the Holy Trinity Parish Newsletter for February: Holy Trinity Newsletter Feb 2018

Milford projects acclaimed by East Midlands in Bloom


Work done on Milford’s Triangle and Millers Way in Hopping Hill Meadow has won recognition in the 2017 East Midlands in Bloom awards.  Read more here 

Meet Milford’s Adult Care Coordinator

Nicky Mount from Derbyshire Adult Care is here in Milford & Makeney to work with people with disabilities, mental health issues, older people and their families and or carers.  She aims to support people towards their view of ‘a good life’.  To read more and to find out whether Nicky could help you, click here

The Last Post?

After Milford resident Griff reported the disappearance of the post-box at the bottom of Sunny Hill, he has now learnt that it will be replaced.  Thanks are due to our constituency MP, Pauline Latham, who wrote a letter to the Post Office.  Their reply informed her that a replacement box will be erected soon.  For the moment, the nearest box is now on Hopping Hill. 

Did Rod ‘Strutt’ his stuff in Milford?

Do you remember live music at the Strutt Arms in the 1960s?  It’s reported that Rod Stewart sang there.  Bryan Bennion has some choice memories of seeing Gary Farr – and even Alan Price of Simon Smith & The Amazing Dancing Bear fame.  Read more here
The King William has a QUIZ NIGHT every Wednesday at 9.00 pm and Live Entertainment at 9.00 pm on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
 Social Club - Milford 001Milford Social Club has fortnightly Live Entertainment on a Saturday and Sunday: All 9 pm start on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday (unless specified).  Free admission.  



For the latest Planning Applications, click here


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