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The purpose of this site is to provide useful, important and interesting news, information and insight for residents and visitors, with the hope of enriching the life of the village, and the aim of bringing our community closer together.  Want to be involved?  Help with maintaining the site would be very welcome.  Email webmaster@milford-makeney.org



After three and a half years of campaigning by local people, Derbyshire County Council has agreed to install a pedestrian crossing on the A6 beside Angelo’s. Read more here


Sarah Stanton Longdon of Sunny Hill caught hay baling at sunset in a stunning series of images – and learnt from the very farmer she photographed that she had won an award in Farmers Weekly from the last time she photographed them! To read more and see all of her images – plus that award-winner – click here


The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Discovery Days event this year – October 14th to 29th – features events and activities throughout the Derwent Valley, including two events in Milford.  To read more, click here


Better late than never… Milford’s May Day is featured – for the very first time – in a one page photo spread in Derbyshire Life.  There are 8 photos featured. Derbyshire Life’s September issue is out now, price £3.45. 
Angelo’s is once again in line to win the Best Out of Town prize in the Derby Food & Drink Awards. Read more here
There is yet another wonderful display of summer colour in Milford & Makeney.  The Social Club has done us proud yet again, and so has the Holly Bush.  And thanks to the owners of the Old Bike Shop which has joined with the Old Post Office and King William in displaying such wonderful floral colour on the  A6.


Belper & Milford Calendar Out Now

Our webmaster Ashley Franklin is delighted to announce that he has produced a 2018 Calendar which will make up for the fact that there will be no Milford & Makeney Calendar for a second year owing to the closure of the Milford Store.  The Belper & Milford Calendar he has made available consists of 8 Belper images and 4 of Milford & Makeney.  Below is the March page.  To see the other three Milford pages and the 8 of Belper, click here.  
The Calendar is currently on sale in Milford at the Social Club and in Belper at Hallmark, Fresh Basil, Hall of Frames, Today’s Express, Kalico and The Bookshop – price: £9.95.  It can also be bought online.  Click here to purchase.

The King William has a QUIZ NIGHT every Wednesday at 9.00 pm and Live Entertainment at 9.00 pm on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Mon Sept 18 : Howard Williams (Male Vocalist) | Mon 25: Kev Smith Jones (Guitar/Vocalist) | Sat 30 : Hillbilly Juke Box (Classic rock in a hillbilly style)


 Social Club - Milford 001Milford Social Club has fortnightly Live Entertainment on a Saturday and Sunday: All 9 pm start on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday (unless specified).  Free admission. Sept 23 : Sensational Hot Rocks Band | Oct 7 : Hard to Handle | Nov 4: Modest | Nov 25 : Midnight Pumpkin Trucks | Dec 2: Elvis | Dec 16: Ricky & The Retros

For the latest Planning Applications, click here


Have a need?  A want?  A sale?

This website has always been a resource where we can help you with a particular appeal. For instance: Do you need a recommendation for a good plumber?Would you like help with sponsorship for a charity? Are you keen to form an activity group within the village? Want to sell some horse manure for the garden? Just go to this page by clicking here and fill in the contact form.  Click here to read about a garden plot to let.


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With thanks to the Milford & Makeney Community Group for promoting the establishment of this website and to Ashley Franklin for sponsoring and managing the site.