Who was supposed to clean Milford’s Interpretation Boards?

As revealed by your webmaster, the Milford Interpretation Board on the Triangle (opposite the Strutt) is in a dreadful state.

It has also been revealed that when both of the village’s Interpretation Boards were erected, it was expected that local residents would clean them as and when needed.  This, reportedly, is the case with the boards in both Belper and Darley Abbey.  However, it is clear that either no one in our village was informed of the need to maintain the boards or if someone WAS, they don’t appear to have cleaned them at all.

As it is, these interpretation boards have an expected durability of ten years, so the one at the Triangle is long overdue for replacing as it was erected in 2004.  The other board – at Hopping Hill Meadow – was erected in 2010, so has another three years’ life at least, maybe more if we could find someone to clean it!

Now here’s the even worse news… the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site team doesn’t have the funds to replace the board which means the village would have to apply for funding to obtain a new one.  It’s imperative that our historic village retains an interpretation board.  In fact, the webmaster has noticed just how many people have been viewing the board over the years, and the fact that it is nigh-on impossible to read the historical information doesn’t reflect well on Milford.  So, what can we do?

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